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Highlights of VidAU 2.0 Launch Webinar: Go Ahead in Video Production with VidAU’s Latest Version!

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The recent launch event for VidAU 2.0 was held on July 4th at 10:00 AM GMT, which was a remarkable success. The event drew industry professionals, media, and avid users from across the globe and the atmosphere was electric as attendees anticipated the reveal of VidAU’s groundbreaking features set to transform video production.



VidAU’s CEO, Joanna chan, shared her ambitious vision for the future of video production. “Our mission is to Simplify Your Video Creation Process.” Joanna emphasized. “We aim to make visual expression simple and accessible for everyone, enabling users to create professional-quality videos with ease.”



The UPDATED version of VidAU introduces a host of innovative features designed to enhance user experience and streamline video production:


1. Generating Videos from Product URLs: Create engaging videos by simply inputting product links.

2. Transforming Descriptions into Visual Narratives: Convert text descriptions into compelling video stories.

3. Deploying Multilingual Digital Avatars: Use digital avatars that support multiple languages for diverse audiences.

4. Enabling Video Translation: Translate video content to reach a global audience seamlessly.

5. Executing Video Face Swaps: Easily swap faces in videos for creative and personalized content.


These cutting-edge tools are tailor-made for content creation on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, and ideal for promotional and instructional purposes. They empower users to produce and publish high-quality videos in mere minutes.


Highlights of VidAU 2.0 Launch Webinar: Go Ahead in Video Production with VidAU’s Latest Version!



To celebrate the launch, VidAU offered a special promotion. The first 200 users to register received a free digital avatar cloning slots, an advanced feature enabling the integration of lifelike avatars into videos. This initiative was met with enthusiastic approval, highlighting the community’s excitement for innovative tools.



As the event concluded, the VidAU team encouraged users to share their feedback and suggestions. “We value your insights as we strive to enhance VidAU continually,” Joanna stated. “Your feedback is crucial in helping us achieve new heights and deliver an unparalleled video creation experience.”


The new version of VidAU is now available for use. Join the growing community of creators who are transforming their ideas into stunning visual stories effortlessly. Visit VidAU’s website to learn more and begin your journey with VidAU today!


For more information and to start creating, visit VidAU's official website.






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